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A Journey Among The Himalayan Masters

The Oldest School

in the World

is Waiting for YOU

The Source of all Knowledge

is your own INNER-MASTER

Yoga is the Perfect Tool

From your HEAD

To your HEART...

We are STRONG!

Classical Yoga

The meaning of all practices is to bring the Spirit to the tip of your toes.

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The goal is to awaken the inherent wisdom of every person during the class. 

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Once you know what Yoga is, you become your practice and your light shines…

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Who is Bira?

Yoga is my best friend, my guide, my medicine, my therapist… 

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Online classes on Yoga History, The Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutras, and the Essential Practices of Traditional Yoga.

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Latest Workshops

This is a preview of The Ancient School of Yoga®. It has been aready presented in Spain, England, Scotland, Ireland, India, Greece, Holland, Begium, Russia and Germany.
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Free Ebooks

In this section you can download the first chapter of the ebooks on Jnana Yoga "The Old Must Die" and "Nameless", written by Bira.

What the Students are Saying?

May all beings awake and realize

Yoga IS the Eternal Fountain of Truth and Life

I see you soon